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Worried About Going To Jail Or Being Arrested?

Am I going to Jail?

Facing criminal charges?

Worried about your record, your reputation, and your family?

Worried about what is going to happen in Court?

Worried about going to jail?

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likelihood of going to jail in criminal court

Being arrested and/or charged with a crime carries a lot of risk . . .

criminal record background expunge

The Risk of a Criminal Record.



The Risk to your family and personal life.

Dont find yourself with a long prison sentence. Get an assault & battery attorney. OKC Attorney Marcy Fassio is ready for your case!

The Risk of going to jail.

At Fassio Law,

We focus on Creating Legal Solutions & Second Chances,

to help MINIMIZE legal consequences and risk.


likelihood of going to jail in criminal court

You don't have to deal with this alone

Our highly effective criminal defense team is here to help you navigate these treacherous waters.

And it starts with knowing what you are facing.

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The Fassio Law Team: Creating Legal Solutions and Second Chances


With over 20 years of combined experience in criminal law, we are here to help you with your criminal case. Make sure you minimize the risks, and get the best outcome possible, by having our team on your side.

Fassio Law, an Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Law Firm, specializes in aggressive CRIMINAL DEFENSE in the OKC Metro area. By practicing criminal law EXCLUSIVELY, we have the knowledge and expertise to get you the best possible result in your criminal case. Fassio Law can help you with any criminal matter, including:

Our criminal defense team can help you with Felony Charges or Misdemeanor Charges.


Marcy Fassio is an amazing attorney. She saved my butt big time. She was able to get me out of a horrible situation, which I got myself into, and back on the right track. I definitely recommend using Marcy in times of need. She was always very prepared, upfront and honest about my situation. She never sugar coated anything and I really appreciated that. The best part of it all was when the time came she pulled it off, just like she said, and came through for me.


Jeff N.

Attorney Fassio and her staff were excellent in getting my case resolved quickly. I truly appreciated the quick response when I reached out and the constant communication I received from Sheena, if Attorney Fassio was unavailable. I received a complete dismissal and I am truly thankful for her dedication and attention to my case!


Krsma M.


“She went above and beyond to fight for me.  She was always in touch, and did everything possible to fight my case.  I would recommend her to anyone.”  - Suzy K.

“Got me a way better outcome than what I could’ve imagined.”  - C.A.

“One of the best in the business for sure. Great mindset and works hard to make sure her clients are well taken care of. Well worth the hire!”  - Nathan B.

“An amazing Attorney.”  - Linda F.

“I'm very impressed with her efficiency and demeanor in the court room and with her clients. She is totally there to fight for you and will get you the best offer at a very reasonable price. I would recommend her and use her over again. Awesome Attorney!!!!!!”  - Anne W.

“She's understanding, listens to your needs and will go the extra mile! Thank you Marcy!”  - Tiffany K.

“She will defend you vigorously and keep in touch, which is a big plus.”  Heath R.


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likelihood of going to jail in criminal court
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