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OKC Criminal Defense Attorneys
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Theft Charges in Oklahoma

Are you being charged with theft, burglary, larceny, or stealing?

Get the legal representation you need from the OKC Theft Charge Attorneys/

Theft Charge Lawyers at Fassio Law.

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Have you been charged with shoplifting? Contact OKC Criminal Defense Attorney Marcy Fassio!

Am I Going to Jail because of a Shaving Kit?? John’s Story

He had never done anything like this before. Not even close. John had spent his entire life following the rules, to the point where people often jokingly called him a “goody-two-shoes.” And then one day, he just lost his mind for a minute. Now all of the things that he had worked so hard for were at risk: his marriage, his reputation, his position in the church, his job, the respect of his children, everything.

John had no idea what happened, no idea what possessed him to do what he did. The weekend before he had messed around in his garden for a couple of hours, gone to church, cooked dinner for his wife, gone to a weekend matinee. That was his life. Slow, calm, and perfect.

He made plenty of money, so there was no reason to try and steal the shaving kit. But he had a stressful day, and this weird impulse struck, and he did it. And now he was going crazy. Crazy with worry, crazy with stress, crazy with embarrassment, and crazy thinking he didn’t even know himself. He still couldn’t even fathom that he did this, it was almost like watching someone else do it.

He tried to steal the shaving kit, he got caught, and the store loss prevention manager called the police. They put handcuffs on him. Again, it felt like a bad movie; this couldn’t be real, this wasn’t his life. He was confused, stressed, and flat-out scared.

But he knew one thing for sure: He had zero experience with anything like this, so he had to make sure he hired a lawyer who had plenty of experience. Someone who could understand his situation, and who was willing to take his concerns into account and figure out a solution.

Faced with a Burglary or Theft Charge? Strategize, Protect, and Defend Your Rights with Criminal Defense Firm Fassio Law in OKC!

You need a top criminal defense attorney.  Contact Oklahoma Law Firm Fassio Law today if you are charged with a Theft Charge, such as:

  • Burglary,
  • Possession of Stolen Property or Concealing Stolen Property,
  • Possession of a Stolen Vehicle,
  • Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle,
  • Larceny From a Retailer (a/k/a shoplifting),
  • Grand Larceny,
  • False Declaration to a Pawnbroker,
  • Robbery, or
  • Embezzlement.

Recently, have you been accused of a theft crime? Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Stolen Vehicle, Burglary - these theft crimes are all charges that can go on your record and cause issues with you getting jobs in the future. Depending on the value of the property and the circumstances alleged, theft crimes can be charged as a misdemeanor (larceny) or a felony.  Also, keep in mind that you could be facing lots of fines, jail and/or prison time if you are convicted of a theft crime, especially for the most serious charges - like burglary and robbery. It is important that you get the proper defense for your case. The District Attorney must prove a number of factors to successfully prosecute a theft case, so you need an attorney that can hold them to this burden.

Not having the proper defense can severely limit your chance of getting a good outcome in your case.  With the experienced criminal defense team from OKC Theft/Burglary/Larceny Firm, Fassio Law, you give yourself the advantage of having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney; this could mean the difference between spending many years in prison vs. spending no time in prison.

Get yourself the representation that you deserve from the OKC Shoplifting Attorney/Theft Charge Attorneys at Fassio Law!

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