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September 2020

A Helping Hand (or Paw)

Dogs in prison?!? The Friends for Folks (FFF) program trains dogs to be helpful and supportive companions for senior citizens, disabled individuals, and other people who want a new dog. Training dogs since 1990, the FFF program is based at the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center, a medium-security prison. Gaining worldwide popularity from its feature on Animal Planet, the program has gained visitors from as far away as Norway and China.

The FFF program involves selected inmates teaching their assigned canine basic obedience behaviors, including some of the following commands:

  • Heel - a command that teaches the dog to walk on the left side of its handler without leading or lagging behind,
  • Sit - a command that teaches the dog to sit when he or she is instructed,
  • Stay - a command that instructs the dog to stay,
  • Down - a command that teaches the dog to lay down when he or she is instructed.

While the training program undoubtedly helps the animals, who are often victims of abuse, it also helps his or her owner, who is often a senior citizen, disabled person, or someone who is new to animal ownership. One special benefit of this unique program is that it helps the inmates who train the dogs. Working closely with an assigned dog, each inmate benefits from the human-animal bond, which creates a heightened sense of self and leads to better human to human interactions and a better day-to-day mood. In addition, the sense of accomplishment and responsibility allows the inmate to be more open to rehabilitation and becoming a more productive member of society upon release.

Though no one wants to be incarcerated, the FFF program serves as just a small reminder of how even in the worst places, a little hope can get you through a dark time.

A COVID-19 Vaccine to the Rescue!

We’re all tired of leaving our homes, just to run back inside because we forgot our masks. We’re all tired of not being able to travel and enjoy life like we used to. We’re tired of not being able to see our friends, and not being able to send our kids back to school. We’re tired of being home all day. We’re just tired of COVID-19, and thankfully, we don’t have to live this way much longer.

The U.S Government has closed deals with several drug manufacturers to get COVID-19 vaccines into the hands (or arms, rather) of millions of Americans as soon as this year! According to HHS, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense have struck major deals with Pfitzer and Moderna. The multi-billion-dollar deals would mean that Americans would be able to get their hands on one of 100 million vaccines as early as the fourth quarter of 2020 from Pfitzer, while Moderna could bring an additional 100 million vaccines as early as January 31st, 2021. The stakes are high; promising Moderna an additional $300 million dollar bonus if they can deliver by January of 2021. So while we may be inconvenienced for a few more months, normality is just around the corner!

Alyssa in the House!

This month, we’d like to welcome and introduce the newest intern here at Fassio Law: Alyssa Parish! Alyssa grew up in Flower Mound, Texas. She attended Texas State University in San Marcos, where she earned a degree in economics. Despite the challenges that many students face due to the effects of COVID-19, Alyssa will be graduating from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in May of 2021. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her cat Sookie, hanging out with her friends, and loves to exercise outdoors when the weather permits! Welcome, Alyssa!


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"Don’t Feed it to the Pigs!"...

In the state of Arizona, if you want to feed garbage to the pigs, you’ll need a permit. However, if you own the pigs... and you’re feeding them garbage from your own house... that’s fine. Strange law, huh?

- §3-2664

Legal Trivia!

What does Mens Rea mean?

  1. Guilty Conscience
  2. Guilty Mind
  3. Innocent Until Proven Guilty
  4. Proven Guilty and Waiting for Appeal

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Last month’s answer was: TRUE!

In ancient times, lawyers were illegal and it was forbidden from accepting payment to plead the case of another. Ancient Rome limited the pay of a lawyer to 10,000 Sesterces.

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