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OKC Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys

September 2018

Oklahoma School Shuts Down for Two Days After Parents Threaten Transgender Student

A school district in southern Oklahoma was forced to shut down for two days after parents threatened a 7th grade transgender student on Facebook. Superintendent Rick Beene closed

Achille Public Schools for two days after discovering that parents on the “Achille ISD Parents Group” began making threats against a student who identifies as a girl.

The offense began when a parent posted “Heads up parents of 5th through 7th grade, the transgender is using the girls bathroom. We have been told how the school has gone above and beyond to make sure he has his own restroom yet he is still using the girls. REALLY… Looks like its going to be a long year.”

The attacks only went down from there, escalating into threats. Reactions to the post included parents referring to the student as “this thing” and “half baked maggot.” One parent, who repeatedly referred to the student as “he” suggested that a “good sharp knife” stop the student. Another parent said that their child should “whoop his a** until he quits coming to school.” The horrific threats triggered local law enforcement to encourage Beene to close all schools in Achille District. The school reopened two days later, with police on campus. Meanwhile the Bryan County Sheriff is currently investigating the incident and charges may be filed against the parents who made such threats. The school district is currently working with staff, authorities, and activists groups to ensure that students from all walks of life feel safe when they attend school.

Oklahoma City Sees Some Exciting Improvements

Move over New York, here comes Oklahoma City! Plans have been finalized and developers are set to transform downtown Oklahoma City into a newly improved metropolis. In addition to the $40 million headquarters that will be home to Heartland, the U.S Payments and Payrolls Devision for Global Payment, downtown city streets are being torn up to accommodate for the new streetcars that will move throughout the downtown area. With streetcar retrofitting being measured in weeks instead of months or years, the downtown area will get a jolt of new business at the end of the year when streetcar service commences. For the time being, several major intersections are closed, but when they reopen, they’ll be ready to accommodate the new streetcars. The added congestion can be frustrating, so if you have an upcoming court appearance, make sure you allow extra time to deal with added congestion so you won’t be late! On a good note: streetcar service begins in December.

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