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May 2019

New Laws Could Mean a Fresh Start for fellow Oklahomans

may 2019

Oklahoma residents often feel the tug of their distant past when trying to move forward to a brighter future. Those with previous felonies or misdemeanors often encounter trouble when starting new employment or are in the process of receiving a promotion. Those with past felonies are often disqualified due to an employer’s policies, or insurance considerations. However, come November 1, those convicted of non-violent felonies will become eligible for an expungement without a pardon from the governor.

Fassio May Newsletter For nonviolent felony offenses, even if you are convicted of the crime, you can still be eligible for an expungement, as long as you have not been convicted of another separate felony or misdemeanor within the past seven years, and you do not have any pending charges within the last five years.

However, there are limits to this rule. The new expungement laws do not restore an individual who has been charged with a felony the right to possess a firearm. This would require the pardon from the governor. In addition, after the expungement, the record will remain available for law enforcement purposes indefinitely.

While expungement has long since been available to those with non-violent offenses, the previous laws only made this option possible after ten years. The new laws make this option available after just five. Effective November 1, those with expunged records can now say to employers and potential employers that they have never been arrested or convicted of a felony offense. In addition, the record will be expunged from any form of public access.

New expungement laws mean a new chapter for those who are trying to move on from the mistakes of their past. The new laws open new doors of possibility to anyone with a non- violent criminal record who qualifies for expungement. If you are looking to get your record expunged, call Marcy Fassio. She will make sure that your record is expunged (if eligible) so that you can move forward living your best life!

Severe Weather Season Approaching!

As many of you know, April and May are prone to bad weather here in Oklahoma. If you hear a tornado siren, take shelter immediately! In Oklahoma City, tornado sirens will sound in and near a tornado threat. These sirens should only be one of multiple ways that you receive weather information. To learn how to prepare for a severe weather threat, visit www.OKC.gov/ prepare.

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Did you know that in the state of Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake mustache in church that causes laughter?

Seriously! Look it up! Even though the law has since been tucked away and buried in Alabama’s law books so deep that the legal citation is just a myth, the law was never officially amended. Be glad you don’t live in Alabama. If you ever wanted to attend church in disguise, or you messed up your real mustache and wanted to wear a temporary replacement until it grew back, you may wind up with a nasty fine.

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Fassio May Newsletter Which esteemed attorney was responsible for O.J Simpson’s acquittal in the 1995 murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson?

A. Shawn Holley
B. Robert Shapiro
C. Johnnie Cochran
D. Robert Kardashian
E. All of the Above

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