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March 2020

Lets Talk about Expungements!

Happy March everyone! This year is already flying by, and we at Fassio Law hope you’ve had a productive and prosperous year. This month we’re going to discuss expungements; what they are, and how you may be eligible for one.

An expungement is a legal vehicle to clear an arrest or charge off of your criminal record. Getting an expungement to clear your record is useful and beneficial for many reasons. For example, certain dings on your record can potentially cause you to lose out on employment and housing opportunities because even the smallest blemishes on your record may look worse on paper than what actually happened; which is why expungements are so important.

There are two types of expungements: Section 991, and Section 18. Section 991 expungements come into play if you have been found guilty of a crime and have received a deferred sentence (sentenced at a later date).

Section 18 expungements, referred to a "super expungements" here at Fassio Law, cover 15 different categories of eligibility. Here are a few categories that can potentially make you eligible for an expungement:

  • If you’ve been acquitted
  • If you’ve been convicted at trial but had a successful appeal that led to a dismissal
  • If you are charged or convicted with crime, but your innocence is proven with DNA evidence
  • If you are pardoned by a Governor
  • If you are arrested but no charges were filed
  • If a crime was committed by someone else using your name
  • If you have been charged with a non-violent felony that has since been re- classified as a misdemeanor

Keep in mind that this is not the exhaustive list. There are more ways that you could be eligible for an expungement! Check out a full explanation of expungements on our YouTube channel here:


If you feel like you may be eligible for an expungement, give us a call so we can evaluate your case!


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"Be Glad You Don’t Live in Alabama..or Be Proud?"...

As much as you may love church, it’s against the law to impersonate a Clergyman...even on Halloween and April Fools. According to Title 13A Chapter 14 of the Code of Alabama, fraudulently pretending to be a Clergyman can result in a $500 fine and imprisonment

- Title 13A, Chapter 14

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It is illegal for an atheist to hold office in the state of Tennessee

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B. False

(Last month’s answer: Danya Hamad, who is now 17, going on 18, and is on track to be the youngest practicing attorney in America).

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