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OKC Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys

June 2018

Oklahoma Primary Likely to Dictate the State’s Future for Years to Come

As Oklahoma nears it’s upcoming June 26 primary election, the political landscape is taking a turn for more uncertainty. Usually as the primaries wind down, voters can see a clear indication where the parties are headed. However, due to the large number of people running for public office, this primary election is proving to be a little different.

Oklahoma stands at a crossroads, with zero predictability as to where the state may be headed in the next four to 10 years. Even more interesting are the numbers. Of all the candidates, 435 are running for 125 legislative seats, 15 are running for governor, while hundreds more are running for Congress, secondary statewide offices, and district attorney. Additionally, 360 candidates are currently running for the state’s 101 House of Representatives seats, the youngest candidate being just 21 years old. Never has the state been in such a position in a primary election.

With the unpredictability of Oklahoma’s primary election quickly coming to a head, the fate of the state lies in the hands of Oklahoma’s 2 million registered voters.

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Everyone please give a warm round of applause (yes, we want you to clap for her even though she won’t hear you) for the newest member of our team: Sheena Ford! Sheena is our new Client Relations Manager! Here at Fassio Law, we focus on a client centered approach, and Sheena is here to make the process even smoother for all of our wonderful clients! She can be reached at:

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Did You Know?!…

In the city of Tulsa, it is illegal to boil, heat, or dry skunks or any other wild animal with an offensive odor? According to the law, “No business of rendering bone boiling, bone burning, gut cleaning, skinning or making glue from any part of dead animals, drying, storing any blood, scrap, fat, grease, dried skunk hides or green skunk hides… shall be carried on anywhere in the City of Tulsa without a permit.”

-Title 17, Section 802. Offensive Trades

With over 12 years defending clients, Marcy Fassio continues to thrive for her clients, knocking their cases out of the park. Her clients and associates continue to rave about her knowledge and legal strengths!

“Marcy is an effective and intelligent advocate. She knows the law and can quickly apply it to any given situation. She was an ethical prosecutor and has turned into a great advocate for her clients.”

-J.C,  2018

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