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OKC Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys

July 2019

Buckle Up! Higher Speed Limits May be Just Around the Corner

Recently, the Senate passed House Bill 1071 which would effectively raise the speed limit around specific highways that many Oklahoma City residents travel on a daily basis. The bill allows the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to raise the speed limit from 75 to 80 miles per hour.

Sounds exciting right? Well, hold your horses. The bill’s passing doesn’t mean that speed limits will go up tomorrow. Instead, the bill makes way for an inquiry. The bill’s authors say this inquiry would discover whether or not it is safe to increase the speed limit for Oklahoma commuters.

If the higher speed limit is approved, it would be limited to the H.E Bailey, Cimarron, Indian Nation, and Muskogee turnpikes.

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Motivation Tip of the Month: Join Forces 

You’re never as alone as you think you are. Some of us have goals that others may laugh at. Oftentimes, discouragement comes from loved ones who have unintentionally shot us down.

Even if you can’t share your goals or identify with your friends and immediate family, there is someone out there who can identify with you and act as your support system. Their goals don’t have to be the same, but can simply be similar to yours. For example, lets say that your goal is not a goal that those around you commonly hear. Maybe you’ve shared your goal with friends and family and they didn’t take you seriously. First off, don’t take it personal. You were put on this earth for a purpose, and everyone’s purpose is different. So, if someone can’t identify with your goals or dreams, just remember that these are your goals and dreams, and no one else's.

Having someone in your corner who can motivate, inspire, and encourage you is vital to achieving your goal. Try joining a group, or finding an online blog that would help you. Being a part of a community is not only a motivation in itself, but also a source for potential opportunities. Even the greatest leaders, stars, kings, and queens may appear to stand alone, but in truth, they have an entire team standing behind them, supporting them, guiding them, and keeping them motivated.

If you need motivation for your goals, don’t hesitate to join forces with someone you can identify with. It could be just the push you need to touch your dreams.

"Be Glad You Don’t Live in Alabama"...

Did you know that in the state of Alabama its illegal to drive blindfolded?

According to law, no person may operate a motor vehicle with an object that obstructs their vision over their eyes. Unfortunately, in Alabama, it’s officially against the law to try the Birdbox Challenge. Maybe in another state!


Legal Trivia!

What law did the famous Supreme Court case United States v. Nixon establish?

A.    It established that no President may invoke executive privilege unless the Senate and House of Representatives can come to no resolution.
B.    It prohibited sitting Presidents from using executive powers to withhold evidence during a criminal investigation.
C.     It Prohibited Presidents from being impeached unless absolutely necessary.
D.    It prohibited sitting Presidents from being indicted for criminal charges.

(Last month’s answer was A: Shawn Holley!). Check next month’s newsletter for this month’s answer!

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