OKC Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys
OKC Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys

February 2020

Am I Going to Jail?!

This month, we’re going to explore some of the common questions that goes through a person’s heads when they run into some legal challenges. One of the main questions that many people ask is "Am I going to jail?". Let’s break down this question and give you some insight on the top three factors that a prosecutor will take into account when considering punishment for a crime.

The first factor that will determine whether or not you may face jail time is the severity of the crime that you are being charged with. This can be anything from a misdemeanor like possession of marijuana to a larger felony like first-degree burglary. The type of crime that you are being charged with has the largest impact on the likelihood of you facing jail time. While there is no guarantees, the likelihood of jail time for a simple misdemeanor is much smaller than that of a more serious crime, such as armed robbery or murder.

The second factor that is taken into account when determining whether or not you will serve jail time is the strength of the evidence against you. If there is video evidence, multiple witnesses, DNA, and a signed confession, then the evidence against you is pretty strong, therefore increasing the likelihood that you will serve jail time. However, if there is no concrete evidence against you, then the prosecution’s case against you is considered weak. An example would be if there is only one witness and he or she cannot be found, or trusted.

The third factor that is taken into account in the likelihood of whether or not you will spend time in jail is your personal history. If you have a clean record, this will likely be taken into consideration by the prosecution and the judge. However, if you have a long history of run-ins with the law, or you are a repeat offender of the same crime, this may increase the likelihood of you going to jail.

The last factor that doesn’t make the top three on this list, but is vitally important, is who you choose to represent you. A mediocre, or inexperienced attorney can easily mean the difference between a favorable outcome and a full-blown blown disaster for you. Avoid disaster. Call Marcy Fassio. Risking your freedom with a bad attorney is not a decision that anyone can afford to make.

**Every situation is different, and this is in no way intended to be taken as legal advice. Please contact us if you have specific questions about your case, charges, or circumstances*****
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Be More Productive: Marcy’s Secret Tool

This month, we’re going to deviate from the usual current events and talk about being more productive. Here at Fassio Law, we don’t only want to help you in your legal life, but we want to help you excel in your personal life too. Let’s talk about productivity and how you can better achieve your goals in 2020. This month’s newsletter will be based off Marcy Fassio’s YouTube video about her Productivity Secret Weapon. Though not everyone who reads this newsletter will be into business, we will show you how you can tie these tips into your goals, no matter what they are.

Everyone starts off with new year’s resolutions each time January 1st comes around. You see it everywhere; the gym is packed every January, vegetables are flying off the shelves, and everyone has huge goals that they’re talking about. However, when February, March, and April roll around, they’re back to their same old routine. So how do we fight this?

The first step is to set a goal and make a plan. No matter what the goal is; whether its losing weight, starting a business, or paying down debt, MAKE A PLAN.

Here is Marcy’s secret weapon: GET HELP! Whether you’re dieting for the first time and need a diet plan, or you need a logo for your new business, GET HELP. Fiverr is an online community where you can find and hire people to help you with various projects. The best part is that everything on the site starts at just $5. If you need a diet plan, check out Fiverr. If you need a whiteboard animation for your business, check out Fiverr. They feature top notch freelancers who work diligently to provide you the best services that start at just $5. This is Marcy’s secret weapon and she’s sharing it with you so you can have a better 2020.

If you need legal help and you’re wondering who to call, don’t hesitate to contact Marcy Fassio’s office and talk to her excellent team. It’s a call you can’t afford not to make!


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"Be Glad You Don't Live in Indiana"...

The next time you’re on your horse in the state of Indiana, you better check your speedometer! According to state law, it is illegal to ride your horse faster than 10mph. So as much as your horse would like to run or trot...just remember that in Indiana any faster, and you’ll be facing a ticket and hefty fine.

- Article 1, Section 441-105

Legal Trivia!

Select the right answer:

A young woman, Danya Hamad, is currently on track to become the youngest practicing lawyer in the United States. How old is she?

A. 21
B. 19
C. 15
D. 27

(Last month’s answer was D; All judges must be impartial! This means they are required to be fair in a court hearing).

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