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December 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

As Oklahoma citizens have spoken, medical marijuana is now legal... now what? Is it legal to consume marijuana in the open? Is it legal to consume medical marijuana and operate a vehicle? Well, we’ll explore these questions here so you have a thorough understanding of the things that could get you in trouble.

Here is a list of things you cannot do, even though medical marijuana is now legal.

You can’t get a prescription...

Though medical marijuana may be legal in the state, it is classified as a controlled substance by federal law. Although a doctor can fill out a form, indicating that he or she has discussed the possible risks of marijuana use with you, your doctor cannot discuss dosages, strains or any specific products with you.

You cannot buy marijuana from just anywhere...

Now that medical marijuana is legal, that doesn’t mean you can buy it from the guy down the street, or at the corner store. According to SQ788, you can only purchase medical marijuana from licensed marijuana retailers.

You cannot use the substance in the workplace...

Medical marijuana may now be legal, but it is not like an aspirin. Similar to how you cannot take shots of tequila at work and finish your work day with a solid buzz, you cannot consume marijuana and be under its influence in the workplace.

You cannot smoke marijuana in public... Or take it across state lines...

You cannot smoke cannabis in public, and you also may not smoke in front of anyone who is under the age of 18. In addition, you may not transport marijuana across state lines. Cannabis purchased in Oklahoma must be consumed in Oklahoma. Similarly, marijuana may not be purchased in another state and brought into Oklahoma... even if you have a medical card.

And that’s not all! Here are more things you cannot do, even though cannabis has been legalized.

  • You cannot give marijuana away, or sell it
  • You cannot buy marijuana with a credit card... cash only
  • You cannot sample marijuana why shopping for it... this isn’t Costco
  • You cannot drive while under the influence of cannabis
  • You may not carry too much marijuana...that means you cannot possess more than:
    • 3oz on your person
    • 8oz in your home
    • 1oz of concentrated marijuana
    • 72 oz of edible marijuana
  • You may not grow marijuana without a license, and even then, you may not grow it on rented property (without written permission), or outside (unless it's within a locked 6 foot fence). Furthermore the laws still apply to how much you may possess.

Welp there you have it! That's pretty much everything you need to know about what you cannot do even though marijuana is now legal.

Did you jump the gun, and get in trouble unknowingly violating the new law? Don’t sweat it, Marcy Fassio has you covered.

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How to Fight the Monday Blues!

We all have had the Monday Blues at one time or another. Whether you sat back and enjoyed the weekend, or you celebrated a birthday, shifting gears to go back to work can be difficult.

Here's a tip to getting through your Monday Blues:

Have something to look forward to!

This can translate to something different for everyone. Whether its rewarding yourself on Mondays by ordering your favorite beverage, or treating yourself to ice cream after work, make sure you have something that you look forward to doing on Mondays. This really helps to brighten up the day, and makes getting back into the work week that much easier.

Did You Know??

In Oklahoma City, it is illegal to tip over a casket? According to the law, no person may disturb any person carrying, or any object accompanying a dead body. This means leaveall caskets alone, otherwise you may end upwith a hefty fine, or possibly jail time.

-§ Code 1970, § 21-6(b); Code 1980, § 30-84


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