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August 2020

Say it With Us: "Wear a Mask" …
Because Now it's the Law

We know… you’re probably tired of hearing it. We know… you’re probably tired of wearing it. However, now masks have become such an essential part of our life and health, that they’ve been placed into law. In mid-July, OKC City Council voted to approve a public safety ordinance that immediately took effect, making face coverings a necessity, or you could face a fine if you are caught without one. Here’s what you need to know to avoid being cited:

Everyone Over 11 Must Wear a Mask
Everyone over the age of 11 years old in Oklahoma City must wear a mask in all indoor spaces accessible to the public. This means that if you’re inside of a grocery store, bank, or any other indoor place where others are free to enter, you must wear a mask. What

Kind of Mask?
A face covering that covers your nose and mouth will suffice. Face shields may be substituted for cloth masks.

Face Coverings and Outdoors
Face coverings are not required when you are outdoors. This includes in parks, on neighborhood walks, and when playing outdoor sports. However, the CDC recommends every individual above the age of 3 years old to wear a mask where you may come into contact with others.

Guns and Face Coverings
There is no current restriction against carrying a firearm and wearing a face-covering in Oklahoma City.

Not Wearing a Mask
If you are caught not wearing a mask, a Peace Officer will first issue you a warning and an opportunity to wear a mask. On the second offense, the fine would be $9 for a conviction, while third and subsequent convictions would result in a $100 fine.

Medical Conditions
Those with valid medical conditions that prevent them from safely wearing a mask are exempt from this mandate. However, they must be able to present a valid note from their doctor confirming this information.

You can read more about the new requirements here.

Inspiration of the Month

At Fassio Law, we believe that the best is yet to come. Dive in with us as we explore this month’s story of inspiration.

Starting this month we are going to have a new feature in our newsletters, the Client Spotlight. Our clients are the most important part of our firm and so we want to share a little bit about how certain cases progress. Don’t worry, we will never include any identifiable information, and of course, we will never share any confidential information.

Client Spotlight: Spotlight on Stephanie What is in the box below?

What is in the box below?


And why is this important? Because it illustrates what Stephanie's record looks like NOW!

Several months ago, Stephanie was arrested for Assault and Battery after getting into a heated altercation with a neighbor. The neighbor got in Stephanie's face, and Stephanie pushed her to get her out of her personal space. The neighbor called the police and things quickly got out of hand, leading to Stephanie being arrested and charged with assault and battery.

After Stephanie hired Fassio Law, the charges were soon dismissed. As soon as the charges were dismissed, we were able to get an expungement for Stephanie, removing and erasing this arrest off of her record! Even though this situation was completely blown out of proportion, it won’t cause a blemish on Stephanie's record!

*Every case is different and this is not a guarantee of any particular result in your case.

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"A Case of LeapFrog?"...

In the state of California, you may possess as many frogs as you’d like to participate in frog-jumping contests. However, if any of them die, you may not eat them… and yes, that’s the law. According to §6-1-7, frogs must be destroyed immediately and not used for any other purpose.


Legal Trivia!

True or False?

In ancient times, lawyers were illegal.

Check out our newsletter next month for the answer!

Last month’s answer was: SPEEDING! In the United States, Speeding is the most prosecuted crime. So the next time you’re speeding, remember, it could come with serious consequences.

Question of the Month

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