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OKC Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys

August 2018

Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Hits Turbulent Times…Already


Although Oklahoma residents have spoken, voting in late June to legalize marijuana in the Sooner State, the Oklahoma State Board of Health (OSBOH) pushed back in mid July,
effectively banning the sale of smokable forms of marijuana in dispensaries, and requiring that cannabis providers have a licensed pharmacist on site. Almost immediately, activists and lawmakers vowed to fight these restrictions, and at least two lawsuits have already been filed against the Governor and the state of Oklahoma. After all, the majority of those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes smoke it.

The uproar pushed Oklahoma’s Attorney General Mike Hunter to issue emergency guidance to the state on July 19th to calm the waters. Hunter specified that restricting the sale of smokable marijuana is not legal and the Board does not have the legal authority to prohibit such sale. Furthermore, Hunter described that the board has not been given the authority to require additional licensees, such as pharmacists, in dispensaries.

The OSBOH also set a cap of THC concentration that can legally be sold in Oklahoma, forced dispensaries to set specific operation hours (also prohibited them from conducting business on Sundays) as well as banned dispensaries from co-locating with other businesses. Attorney General Hunter has also overturned all of these mandates, citing that the board does not have the legal authority to set these restrictions. Today, Oklahoma voters win, however, tomorrow brings another list of unknown possibilities.

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Did you Know?

In the city of Tulsa, it is illegal to leave your horse, mule, donkey or other animal in the city without tying it to something so it doesn’t run away.

-Title 2. Section 301.

So the next time you take your horse to the grocery store, make sure you tie him up to a pole, otherwise you may face a citation. This also applies to the family dog.

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