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Aggressive Representation for Drunk Driving Charges in Yukon

Getting stopped for DUI sends a shock through most people. At Fassio Law, we receive panicked phone calls from men and women worried that they’ll lose their license, jobs, and even their reputation. We can help. A DUI charge is not a conviction. Instead, it merely starts the criminal process. If you don’t hire an experienced Yukon DUI attorney, you face the possibility of severe consequences, including time behind bars.

License Suspension and Yukon DUI

Oklahoma law calls for the license suspension of anyone arrested for DUI. This is automatic, regardless of whether you are convicted or not. DUI defendants must be proactive and reach out to a Yukon criminal defense lawyer.

You will even lose your license under the “implied consent” law if you refuse to take a chemical test after a lawful arrest. Anyone who accepts an Oklahoma driver’s license has given implied consent, so the state has the power to do this.

Criminal DUI Charges

You can be convicted of DUI underOklahoma Statutes § 47-11-902 if you were in actual possession of a motor vehicle and any of the following is true:

DUI- defense

  • Your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher, or
  • You have a Schedule 1 controlled substance in your blood stream, or
  • You cannot drive safely because you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Moreover, under the concept of Actual Physical Control (APC), even if you weren't actively driving the vehicle but were in control of it and under the influence, you could still face DUI charges. As you can see, you might get convicted even if you blew a low number on a breathalyzer test. For example, you might have been swerving all over the road and, even though your BAC was under 0.08, you could have had a Schedule 1 drug in any amount in your blood. Those facts are sufficient to support a conviction.

DUI Charges Carry Severe Criminal Penalties

The penalties will depend on various factors, including prior convictions. Generally, you are facing:

  • First offense: 10 days to 1 year in jail, a maximum $1,000 fine, and a minimum 180-day license suspension.
  • Second offense: 1-5 years in prison, a maximum $2,500 fine, and a minimum 365-day license suspension.
  • Third offense: 1-10 years in prison, a maximum $5,000 fine, and a minimum license suspension for three years.

Defending against DUI Charges

Hiring a seasoned Yukon DUI attorney is critical to keeping your license and minimizing the consequences of the charges. There are many defenses we have brought on behalf of clients, depending on the facts:

  • The officer lacked reasonable suspicion and probable cause to stop you. This would make the stop unconstitutional, and we can ask a judge to suppress the charges.
  • There is insufficient evidence you were intoxicated. You might have refused a chemical test, or the results are clean. In that case, the state must rely solely on the officer’s testimony that you were driving erratically or appeared intoxicated.
  • Chemical tests are unreliable. The testing officer might not have been properly trained, or the device could have been old.
  • You were not driving. The police officer might have arrived after a crash when everyone is standing around. That isn’t proof you were driving.

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Fassio Law does everything possible to represent our clients best interests on DUI charges, through negotiation, mitigation, addressing weaknesses in the State’s case, and jury trial. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or call (405) 593-8444.

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