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Marijuana Drug Charges in Oklahoma

At War With Marijuana Drug Charges in Oklahoma:

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Us versus the Criminal Justice System

When it comes to marijuana charges, it’s often a clear cut case who wins… the judge, the prosecutor, the county.

If they can use all the evidence captured by the police.

The police are usually the witnesses and are the note-takers at the scene. It’s your word against theirs.  Frequently, they even have video evidence.

How do you fight against that?

First, let’s keep this situation between you and I… on a “need-to-know” basis.

Next, let’s look at the facts.  There is no turning back time or waving a magic wand to make the situation disappear.

We can only move forward from this point on. Stay with me...

Let’s clear up 3 dangerous myths that could have disastrous consequences if someone believes them.

  1. I can handle my own court case. I don’t need an attorney. (Known as “pro se” and commonly called “on one's own behalf” or “for oneself”.)


  1. I’ll hire the best drug attorney in the state of Oklahoma to fight this for me.


  1. I’ll hire the best drug attorney in my home state to fight my Oklahoma drug charges.


Think of it this way:

The attorney hired needs to regularly practice in the county where the drug charge was filed. The attorney needs to know that county’s practices inside and out. That knowledge is critical.

You see, each county can determine their own practices and procedures. So for example, an individual has been detained on a drug charge.

In County A, the individual faces a bond charge of $10,000 for the drug charge.

In County B, located directly next door to County A, the individual could face a bond charge of $100,000 for the exact same drug charge.

This is only one of the thousands of practices that vary from county from county.

Realize, the police, judges, and prosecutors know and use these county-specific practices to their advantage, and each county is different across the United States.

An attorney unfamiliar with the county's unique local practices and rules, specific procedures, and who doesn’t know the local judges and prosecutors is at a significant disadvantage before the case begins.

A local attorney naturally has an advantage over others because the attorney understands details about specific laws, judges, prosecutors and more importantly, how to work within and around the little-known county rules that can be critical.

That's when you have a chance to truly turn the tables and have a footing to negotiate on.

Fighting is easier when you know your opponent inside and out, you know their strengths and weaknesses.

Causing you to make more progress, quicker and easier.

Obviously knowing how far to take the fight, know when to stop and change positions, is as important as knowing when to push through and keep the fight rocking.  You can do that effectively when you know your opponent’s history.

In other words, an attorney negotiating fiercely for you.

In many marijuana cases, it comes down to a plea deal on some level.  So the most important skill is being a savvy negotiator who knows how to use the county’s weaknesses in the law along with knowing the opponent’s history… giving you constant strength to move forward.

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