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Facing Firearms Charges in Canadian County? Fassio Law Is Here to Help

There is sometimes a misconception that Oklahoma is a state that allows anyone to carry guns anywhere wherever they please. That is not the case. It is true that Oklahoma is an "open carry" state. But there are still places where guns are illegal. And some people--notably those with prior felony convictions--are not allowed to legally possess or carry weapons under both state and federal law.

If you are accused of a gun-related crime, it is important to seek out qualified legal advice regarding your rights. Our El Reno gun charges lawyers can review the evidence against you and assist in preparing a defense. Whether you have been charged with unlawful possession or the improper use of a gun, we will work to ensure the most favorable resolution of your case so that you can get on with your life.

What Are Oklahoma's Restrictions When It Comes to Guns?

As an open-carry state, it is legal for most people in Oklahoma to carry an unconcealed handgun, rifle, or shotgun without requiring any sort of license. It is also legal for Oklahomans to carry a concealed handgun without a license in most cases. You must still, however, have a legitimate purpose for carrying a weapon, such as hunting or self-defense. If you threaten someone with a gun or take any aggressive action--such as firing a "warning shot"--you could be charged with felony assault, even if nobody was physically injured.

Additionally, Oklahoma law prohibits certain people from owning or possessing a gun outright. This includes:

  • persons under the age of 18;
  • anyone convicted of a felony in Oklahoma, another state, or by a federal court, except for non-violent felons who received a pardon;
  • immigrants who are illegally or unlawfully in the United States;
  • a person previously adjudicated as a delinquent child for an offense that would have been a felony had they been charged as an adult (for a period of 10 years following said adjudication); or
  • a person who, while previously issued a handgun license, knowingly or intentionally allowed a convicted felon to own or possess a firearm.

There are also certain public places such as schools, courthouses, publicly owned sports stadiums, bars, and legal gambling establishments, where a person cannot carry a handgun. Note, these restrictions generally do not apply to the parking lots of such facilities, so it is still legal to keep a gun locked in your car. There are also certain exceptions for law enforcement and other personnel who may work in these places.

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A gun charge is not the same thing as a conviction. Fassio Law can review the prosecution's case against you and help you identify one or more possible defenses. Remember, the burden is on the state to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that if the evidence against you is weak--or possibly obtained through an illegal search--you may be able to get a gun charge dismissed without the need for a trial.

So it is in your best interest to speak with an El Reno gun charges lawyer as soon as possible following your arrest. Call Fassio Law at (405) 593-8444 today to schedule a free case assessment with a member of our staff.

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Legal Defenses for Gun Charges in Edmond

Check out this page on Possible Defenses for more information.

Why Trust Fassio Law for a Gun Charge?

A gun charge can be a serious criminal offense. A conviction could cost you your Second Amendment rights, your freedom, and your future. At Fassio Law, we are strong advocates for justice. Among other things, our Edmond criminal defense attorneys will:

  • Hear your story and answer your legal questions;
  • Analyze and review the charges and evidence —seeking all exonerating evidence;
  • Represent you before law enforcement and prosecutors; and
  • Take action to help you secure the best possible outcome.

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At Fassio Law, our Edmond criminal defense attorneys have the skills and experience to defend the full spectrum of gun charges. Facing any firearms-related charge? We are more than ready to help. Call us at (405) 593-8444 or connect with us online to set up your confidential, no obligation case review. Our firm defends gun charges in Edmond, Oklahoma County, and throughout the region.

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