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At Fassio Law, our Edmond probation violation lawyer is a compassionate, experienced, and solutions-focused advocate for clients. A probation violation is a serious issue. It could lead to an arrest. If you or your loved one was accused of a probation violation, we can help. Contact us today for a fully confidential, no obligation case evaluation with a top Edmond criminal defense attorney.

An Overview of Probation Violations in Oklahoma

Probation is a court-ordered period of supervision over an offender—it is an alternative to incarceration. A probation violation occurs when an individual fails to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by the court during their probation period. While probation violations can take a number of different specific forms, they can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Technical Violations: Technical Violations of probation occur when an individual fails to comply with the specific terms and conditions of their specific probation. Some of the most common examples include missing appointments with a probation officer, failing drug tests, not attending mandated treatment programs, and violating curfew requirements.
  • New Law Violations: Under Oklahoma law (57 OK Stat § 517), probation can be revoked based on a “new law” violation. New Law Violations happen when an individual on probation commits a new crime during the probation period. Any new misdemeanor or felony offense constitutes an automatic breach of probation in Oklahoma.

Understanding the Consequences for a Probation Violation in Edmond, OK

Violating probation is no small matter. It is a very serious issue in Oklahoma. A person who violates probation in Edmond or elsewhere in Oklahoma County must take immediate action to protect their rights and even their freedom. The specific consequences of a probation violation will vary based on the severity of the infractions. Consequences can include:

  • A warning;
  • Stricter rules;
  • Extended probation;
  • Immediate arrest; and
  • Revocation of probation.

How Our Edmond Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help With a Probation Violation

A mistake should not undermine your future. Yet, that is a big risk if you are alleged to have committed a violation of your probation. Even a seemingly minor probation violation can lead to big problems. At Fassio Law, we are a boutique criminal defense firm that helps good people navigate bad legal situations. Among other things, our Edmond probation violation lawyer will:

  • Hear what you have to say, answer questions, and explain the next stages of the system;
  • Investigate the allegation probation violation—gathering all relevant evidence;
  • Handle correspondence with your probation officer and prosecutors; and
  • Develop a fully personalized strategy to protect your rights, freedom, and future.

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At Fassio Law, our Edmond criminal defense lawyer handles all types of probation violation cases, including technical violations and new law violations. Have legal questions? We can help. Give us a phone call at (405) 593-8444 or connect with us online to arrange your confidential initial appointment. We defend probation violations in Edmond, Oklahoma County, and beyond.

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