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In our world, if you have a criminal record it can make it extremely difficult to establish the life that you want with a criminal history on your record. An expungement can help clear that criminal record.  At Fassio Law in Oklahoma City we can determine if you are eligible for an expungement and, if so, get your criminal record cleared! Our Oklahoma City Expungement Firm has years of experience in preparing the petitions and court documents needed to have an expungement granted in your court case.

Top Reasons To Seek An Expungement:

  • Without expungement, it may be difficult to get into a particular college or university
  • Could be denied professional permits or licenses
  • Automatic denials based on your criminal record
  • Not allowed to travel abroad
  • Difficulty getting the job you want
  • Background checks not clean

Expunge your criminal record with OKC Expungement Attorney Marcy Fassio

Fassio Law handles expungements of cases from Oklahoma City/Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, and Canadian County.

If you need a fresh start and want to see if you are eligible to have your criminal history cleared, contact OKC Expungement Attorney Marcy Fassio to get the best possible results in your expungement case! You can reach me by email at marcy@fassiolaw.com or by calling/texting (405) 593-8444.