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Drug Charge? Strategize, Protect, and Defend Your Rights with Fassio Law in OKC!

Have you been charged with a drug offense, including possession of CDS, possession with intent to distribute, or trafficking?  If so, you need to hire OKC Drug Charge Defense Attorney Marcy Fassio to help protect your rights and provide you with the defense that you need in the courtroom! You can be charged with possession related crimes for Oxycodone, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine or Crack Cocaine, Marijuana, PCP, or any type of controlled dangerous substance (CDS). Also, you can be charged for possession of prescription medication or CDS if you do not have a valid prescription from a doctor.

A drug charge crime is a very serious offense in Oklahoma, and can potentially put you behind bars for many years. For that reason, Oklahoma City Drug Defense Firm Fassio Law will ensure that you are protected as you go through the criminal justice system by reviewing the evidence obtained by police, as well as how that evidence was obtained. Just as citizens have laws they must follow, the police have to follow the laws as well, particularly the laws protecting your rights against unreasonable search and seizure.  If an officer violates your rights, they potentially jeopardize their case against you. Fassio Law in Oklahoma City handles all kinds of drug related charges, including possession of controlled dangerous substance (CDS), trafficking, and possession with intent to distribute.

OKC Drug Charge Defense Attorney Marcy Fassio stands ready to defend her clients in the courtroom. Marcy will use her experience as a Former Assistant District Attorney to your advantage to fight for your rights and fight for your freedom!  You can easily contact OKC Drug Charge Defense Attorney Marcy Fassio by calling or texting (405) 593-8444, or email fassiolaw@gmail.com


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